Wedding Season Has Arrived!  What should men wear?

The wedding season has well and truly been kicked off to a flying start with the Royal Wedding last weekend. And WHAT a wedding! As expected, Harry and Meghan’s big day was a sparkling event of pure British pomp and ceremony, but with a moving twist of emotion and cultural inclusion that we may not have realised would be so poignant. It was a magical and global celebration of love.

As the sun shone gloriously over Windsor, the royal and famous started to arrive in their most magnificent splendour for the occasion. Whilst the women stole the show in their colourful designer dresses, the men looked ever so dapper, suited and booted to perfection. Out came the pocket squares, ties and cufflinks, with David Beckham sporting a pocket watch and chain with his waistcoat. Prince Charles pulled at our heart strings as he walked the beaming bride up to the altar when her own Father could not do so, looking splendid in his 3 piece suit, pocket square, lapel pin and cufflinks. 

Men, if you’re struggling with what to wear to an up-coming wedding, take your advice from the best-dressed – here are a few tips from the Royal Wedding guests:

1. Put on an attitude of honour and respect; this is someone’s big day and you are privileged to be a part of it.
2. Wear a suit or blazer.
3. It's better to be overdressed than underdressed.
4. Wear lighter colours and fabrics for spring, summer and day weddings.
5. Wear darker colours and heavier fabrics for winter and evening weddings.
6. This is your chance to accessorize – cufflinks, pocket squares, tie slides, pocket watches and lapel pins. If you’re really organised, you should match these to your partners dress – see George and Amal Clooney.
7. Sunny day? Rock those shades.

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