Put a Sock on It

Did you know that the phrase ‘Put a sock in it’ came from the days before electricity, when there was no volume control on the record player or gramophone, so the only way to reduce the volume was to put a sock or other item in the speaker to muffle it?

Luckily times have changed and improved for most, so our socks can resolutely stay on our feet! They are now an additional way for men to express themselves too, with many a colourful or novelty design peeking under a trouser leg.

Our socks here at David Aster are all made using combed cotton, which is super soft and stretchy, making the perfect comfortable fit. Our designs are inspired by popular hobbies and interests, as we believe a man likes to sometimes show a touch of his personality through his attire! The designs also render these as great gifts; the stags and pheasants go down a treat for the country gent, as do the sporty numbers for the keen fans.

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