The Pen Addict

We all know one of these right? That person who has at least 15 pens rattling around in their handbag at any one time. Or the one in the office who you know is liable for every pen that goes missing from your desk.

Both my Mum and husband are culprits – but this does at least make them fairly easy to buy for! The husband likes something heavy and stylish when looking for a pen, and keeps a fountain pen or two for when he writes a card to a loved one. He also has a special matching roller ball and fountain pen set that he was given on his graduation – a keepsake that reminds him of that day.

A nice pen – and I mean ‘nice’ in the sense that it isn’t a one-time use biro but a smart well made classic roller ball, ballpoint or fountain – can be a gift of choice for many a gentleman. Even in today’s high tech society, many of us still reach for the traditional old pen for cards, letters, notes and lists. There’s nothing nicer than receiving a handwritten note – it still feels so much more personal.

So if you’re looking for that perfectly packaged and thoughtful gift for the pen addict in your life, why not browse our collection? Designed specifically for men, they are high quality weighty pens in a choice of colours, roller balls, fountains and ballpoints – plus we sell them as matching sets too.

We also created a pen stand – a solid chrome hand in which the pen can slot! This is ideal for the man working from home, so he can locate his pen easily amongst the paperwork on his desk.

Pen Stand

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