Handsome Hankies!

Every man needs a hanky – not only are they useful for catching a sneeze or wiping those fingerprints off your phone screen, but think of the trees you’re saving by not using tissues.

We created a range of hankies that encompass an assortment of men’s hobbies and interests – designs which were our most popular amongst our other product collections. We thought this rather jazzed up the concept of the traditional hanky, so we called them Pocket Plumage! With designs from Spitfire planes and Bumble Bees to Dogs and Cricket, the handkerchief collection offers a flash of pocket fancy and a touch of personality to an otherwise generic item. 

Made from 100% cotton, our unique designs are supplied in recyclable card (and rather luxurious) gift boxes. With over 15 quirky designs to choose from, you can brighten their day by choosing a set which matches their favourite pastime. Our best sellers are the Tractor, Bicycle, Golf and Spitfire designs, all of which can be delivered to you in just a few days.

When a gift is not only useful, but has a connection to the receiver, it is so much more meaningful. So if your brother is football mad, or your Dad is besotted with the dog, our Pocket Plumage Handkerchiefs may be just the ticket for Christmas – plus they’ll think of you every time they reach for that handy sneeze muffler....

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