Top Five Tips for giving that perfect personalised gift for men

Here at David Aster HQ, we strive to create luxurious and unique gifts for men that will be cherished long after their purchase. One way to ensure this is to personalise the present, and we provide an in-house engraving service in order for you to do just that. But what to get the man in your life? And what to then engrave on the gift? Here are our 5 top tips to help you choose and personalise the perfect gift for him.....

1. Selecting the perfect item

The best gifts are often those which someone might not buy themselves but which would perfectly compliment their style. This needn’t necessarily be something to be used each day, but rather something that would have reason to be used every so often over many years to come.

The most special gifts are those that win a marathon not a sprint, so don’t worry so much about what he might “need” today and instead focus on what he will “keep” forever.

For example, you could chose something to be worn on special occasions such as a pocket watch, or a smart fountain pen that he saves to write his cards with. These are keepsakes, that can be engraved too, so they mean more than just the item itself, but create a memory for cherishing.

2. Composing the perfect message

An engraved message does not need to be complex, clever, or funny. But it must be thoughtful – and relevant. There is often not much room on an engraved gift for text, so keep the message to the point. Initials and a date are sometimes all that needs to be written – the personalisation of the name and the association of the date will speak for themselves.

Should you be feeling more avant-garde, perhaps use an expression or nickname that has meaning only between the giver and recipient – even the odd emoji can work well where appropriate ; – )

Some items allow for more engraving – a hip flask will offer more space than a cufflink for example, and are ideal gifts for Best Men and Ushers. A small message can also fit on some of our leather and steel bracelets- ideal for Father’s Day, an anniversary or a Christmas gift.

3. Choosing the best engraving

Not all engraving is created equal, and be sure to choose the effect that best suits the finish of your gift. We use a diamond-dragged engraving which creates a physical impression in the metal. It is a traditional finish which we believe suits our product range. We offer a range of fonts to choose from, enabling you to select one that matches the style of the received – contemporary or classic.

4. Creating a memorable moment

As the saying goes, first impressions count. And this is just as true for gifts as for anything else. All our products are packaged in gift boxes, so your gift will always be well presented, and can also be kept safe in their box for cherishing.

An engraved item is something that the recipient should feel a connection with, and it’s important to get this off to a good start. Engraved gifts are a personal expression between the giver and recipient, so don’t leave it down to the engraving to do all the talking.

Create an experience upon opening the gift: take time to pick the perfect moment, compliment it with a gift card that elaborates or explains the engraved message, and have a few choice words at the ready for when you speak to him next.

5. Keeping it forever

Engraved gifts are about creating stories, but not just the stories before the item was gifted. Carry on adding more chapters by making new memories with the piece. Have a special place to keep the gift so it doesn’t get lost over the years and make a conscious effort to bring it out for special occasions when the time allows.

There is also nothing to stop you getting additional engravings made on the item. Why not add the initials of new family members, important dates and the short messages of loved ones so it continues to be a beautiful memento of a rich life being lived.

Our engraving service is just £6, whether that’s for initials on a cufflink or a message on a hip flask. In just 2 days we can transform a hip flask, bracelet, pocket watch, cufflink or key ring into a special and unique men’s gift, adding meaning and love to a stylish item.

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