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      10% of Our Profits Go To Charity


      David Aster Charity of the Year

      Every 12 months the team at David Aster chooses a charitable organisation that becomes our Charity of the Year, and the beneficiary of 10% of our website’s profits.

      This year we have chosen an organisation that is close to my heart.

      Whilst travelling around South Africa a few years ago I was horrified and heartbroken listening to the stories from our safari guide about poaching.  The reserve had very recently lost a young mother rhino and her baby, and I could see that it had greatly affected all the staff we met there.  They had rescued this mother rhino a few years before, after her own family had been slaughtered for their horns, and the team at the reserve was so delighted that she was now starting her own family.  Sadly she suffered the same dreadful fate. 

      The reserve’s beautiful herd of elephants was under threat too, and the rangers were guarding the animals day and night to prevent further attacks.  They risk their lives protecting the animals, and many die doing so.

      This is sadly commonplace across Africa.  Around 55 African elephants and 3 rhinos are killed every day for their horns and tusks.  Rhino numbers are dangerously low, and it breaks our hearts that these beautiful creatures’ existence is threatened by human activity and greed.

      That is why this year we are supporting THE TUSK TRUST, a charity which supports and funds a large number of conservation programmes across Africa.  By donating 10% of our online profits we hope to make a difference and help them with their anti-poaching measures and conservation programmes, reducing the consumer demand for rhino horn and elephant tusks.

      We are so privileged to live in this beautiful world, surrounded by the wonders of nature and its array of creatures.  We want to help preserve this, and hope that you will join us too.