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10% of Our Profits Go To Charity


David Aster Charity of the Year

Every 12 months the team at David Aster chooses a charitable organisation that becomes our Charity of the Year, and the beneficiary of 10% of our website’s profits.

This year we have chosen the WWF – The World Wildlife Fund.

As a global charity, they are determined to stop the destruction of nature and help it to recover.  The WWF work tirelessly to create a world where people and nature thrive alongside each other, something which the team at David Aster wholeheartedly support.

Did you know that the way we produce what we eat is responsible for almost 60% of the world’s biodiversity loss?

We are supporting WWF as they want to make sure that the food in our shopping baskets is affordable, healthy and environmentally sustainable, so our choices won’t cost the Earth.

Food production doesn’t have to come at nature’s expense, and we can avoid cutting down forests to supply food to the UK by making our food system sustainable.

Climate change poses the biggest threat to the future of our wildlife.

One in six species is at risk of extinction if we fail to act now. So we’re helping WWF to build momentum among other businesses, the government and the public to secure climate action.

WWF are demanding that the UK stops subsidising fossil fuels, makes tackling the climate crisis a national priority, and speeds up our transition to 100% renewable energy.

Conservation Programmes  - protecting our vulnerable species

The WWF conservation programmes in areas such as East Africa, the Amazon rainforest, and the Arctic are helping to protect some of the planets most vulnerable species.

With their work, we’ve seen increases in wild tiger numbers since 2010, and mountain gorilla numbers have also been on the rise in recent years.  Rhino poaching has been decreasing each year since 2015.

There is still a lot to do – so we pledge our support to WWF with each and every order we receive from you this year.


We are so privileged to live in this beautiful world, surrounded by the wonders of nature and its array of creatures.  We want to help preserve this, and hope that you will join us too.